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Military Books

Griffin (Cerberus MC #8)

Marie James

I was the golden child. The one all the Cerberus guys looked up to. I was on my way to becoming the next career Marine. But after my last deployment to Syria, being a Marine was no longer…

This book Griffin (Cerberus MC #8) by Marie James
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Bloody Heroes

Damien Lewis

In the Afghan wild lands, British and American special forces soldiers ate, slept, fought and died alongside each other – working in close-knit units the likes of which have rarely been seen since the Second World War. This…

This book Bloody Heroes by Damien Lewis
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Recon: The Complete Series

Rick Partlow

The full collection of all four books in the mil-SF RECON series: A War to the Knife A Wolf in the Fold A Battle for the Gods A Fight to the Death Tyler Callas is the pampered scion…

This book Recon: The Complete Series by Rick Partlow
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Wilco: Lone Wolf Book 3

Geoff Wolak
This book Wilco: Lone Wolf Book 3 by Geoff Wolak Free Download »

Wilco: Lone Wolf Book 4

Geoff Wolak

This is a soldier’s story, from basic training to running a marathon, from studying first aid to prison, from boxing to close protection, to the SAS and hostage rescue, to Mi6. It is a very long and progressive…

This book Wilco: Lone Wolf Book 4 by Geoff Wolak
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We Lead (Ark Royal #9)

Christopher G. Nuttall

The conclusion to the third Ark Royal trilogy! The Second Interstellar War – pitting humans and their Tadpole allies against an enigmatic alien empire – appears to have stalemated. Neither side can push through to the other’s core…

This book We Lead (Ark Royal #9) by Christopher G. Nuttall
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Retreat Hell (The Empire’s Corp’s, #8)

Christopher G. Nuttall

A new mainstream novel of The Empire’s Corps! After the disastrous mission to Lakshmibai, the very existence of the Commonwealth is called into question by politicians on Avalon. But as the political firestorm mounts, a call for help…

This book Retreat Hell (The Empire’s Corp’s, #8) by Christopher G. Nuttall
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Point of Honor (The Exiled Fleet, #4)

Richard Fox

Gage and his allies learn dark secrets of the Daegon invasion… When the Exiled Fleet enters the Cathay Empire, Commodore Gage must confront an awful truth. Albion ships have joined the enemy invasion. With an alliance to liberate…

This book Point of Honor (The Exiled Fleet, #4) by Richard Fox
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Finest Hour (The Exiled Fleet, #3)

Richard Fox

The last free Albion fleet finds temporary sanctuary over a friendly world, but when the Daegon assault arrive, there is no escape for Gage and the last member of the royal family. A mysterious arrival in the midst…

This book Finest Hour (The Exiled Fleet, #3) by Richard Fox
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The Homecoming (White Oak #1)

Terri Jones

Fate takes inexplicable turns on the route to happiness. Autumn McMillan’s pretty sure she’s failing at life. Sneaking out of town in the middle of the night and moving back in with her parents doesn’t exactly scream that…

This book The Homecoming (White Oak #1) by Terri Jones
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The SEAL’s Surprise Son (The Admiral’s Seals, #1)

Leslie North

Carolyn Evert couldnt take the constant worry and stress that came with having a Navy SEAL fiancé, so she broke it offthen realized she was pregnant. After radio silence greeted her repeated attempts to inform Zach of the…

This book The SEAL’s Surprise Son (The Admiral’s Seals, #1) by Leslie North
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Trapped (Delos #7)

Lindsay McKenna

Aliyana Montero will do anything to rescue her sister from the ruthless kidnappers who took her from outside the school where she works. Even if that means accepting help from Ram Torres, the most infuriating—and sexy—man Ali has…

This book Trapped (Delos #7) by Lindsay McKenna
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