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Horror Books

Horror From The Inside Out

Lisa Dabrowski

Horror From The Inside Out is an anthology that brings together authors and poets from around the globe, contributing their work to benefit those with autism. It features the horror master Ramsey Campbell’s classic story “The Chimney,” Don…

This book Horror From The Inside Out by Lisa Dabrowski
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Purrfectly Dead (The Mysteries of Max #20)

Nic Saint

Paws of the Dead I was suffering from a slight case of ennui when I came upon the perfect solution: a new type of cat kibble that promised to fix my every problem. I probably should have known…

This book Purrfectly Dead (The Mysteries of Max #20) by Nic Saint
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Clowns Vs. Spiders

Jeff Strand

Jaunty the Clown just wants to entertain families with lighthearted slapstick antics, but people think of clowns as terrifying, nightmarish creatures who hide in closets or under beds. When Jaunty, along with his fellow performers Guffaw, Wagon, Reginald…

This book Clowns Vs. Spiders by Jeff Strand
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Wolf Hunt 2

Jeff Strand

George and Lou used to be thugs for hire. Now they’re living in a shack in Costa Rica, hiding from the crime lord who wants them dead. Their last job, to deliver him a werewolf in a cage,…

This book Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand
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Graverobbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary (Andrew Mayhem #1)

Jeff Strand

When you’re desperate for money, searching for a little adventure, and aren’t the most responsible person in the world, you can end up doing some outrageous things. Which is how Andrew Mayhem, an extremely married father of two,…

This book Graverobbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary (Andrew Mayhem #1) by Jeff Strand
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Red Line

Jacqueline Druga

Chaos erupts as Subway Train 440 rounds the bend to the First Avenue station. Something has happened. People are thrown into a deranged state. Fueled by an uncontrolled madness and rage, they viciously attack each other. It isn’t…

This book Red Line by Jacqueline Druga
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Cryptid Zoo

Gerry Griffiths

As a child, rare and unusual animals, especially cryptid creatures, always fascinated Carter Wilde. Now that he’s an eccentric billionaire and runs the largest conglomerate of high-tech companies all over the world, he can finally achieve his wildest…

This book Cryptid Zoo by Gerry Griffiths
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Before Safe Haven: Mike

Christopher Artinian

Trapped in a corrupt hellhole with thieves, sadists and killers, Mike didn’t think things could get any worse. He was wrong. When everyone around him opted to do the easy thing, he chose to do the right thing….

This book Before Safe Haven: Mike by Christopher Artinian
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Still Life

Alex Maher

A Free Short Story The end of the world as we know it, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old little Australian girl hiding inside a pet shop. A Free Short Story – The end…

This book Still Life by Alex Maher
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Tag (The Survival Games, #1)

A.J. Everheart

They did this. The government. But it wasn’t just our government, no, it was every governing body, in every country, around the globe. In an attempt to reduce overpopulation they unleashed a virus unlike any other, but they…

This book Tag (The Survival Games, #1) by A.J. Everheart
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Mr. Snuff

Jon Athan

Russell Wheeler, an enforcer-turned-contractor, spirals into a violent tailspin when his daughter is slaughtered for a snuff film. With his limited resources, including his trusty framing hammer and his criminal connections, Russell hunts the people responsible for his…

This book Mr. Snuff by Jon Athan
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Butcher Road

Jon Athan

Austin and Anna had planned a simple trip. Austin would visit Las Vegas for work and Anna would tag along. The couple, however, were not aware of the terror lurking on Butcher Road – a lonely road plagued…

This book Butcher Road by Jon Athan
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