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Fantasy Books

The Curiosity

Stephen P. Kiernan

Michael Crichton meets The Time Traveler’s Wife in this powerful debut novel in which a man, frozen in the Arctic ice for more than a century, awakens in the present day. Dr. Kate Philo and her scientific exploration…

This book The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan
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The Black Butterfly

Shirley Reva Vernick

Penny is furious, and who can blame her? She has to spend Christmas break alone at the Black Butterfly, an old inn at the coldest, bleakest edge of America—the coast of Maine. This “vacation” is the brainchild of…

This book The Black Butterfly by Shirley Reva Vernick
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Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe)

Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe)

Siobhán Parkinson

Beverly, who is bossy and a bit of a snob, convinces her cautious friend Elizabeth to accompany her on an adventure to the island off the coast. Gerard, Beverly’s messy brother who is barely tolerated by the girls,…

This book Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe) by Siobhán Parkinson
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Syndrome: Book Two of the Shift Chronicles

Eva Truesdale

A Missing Girl… For months, there’s been no sign of Alex’s sister, who she fought so desperately to rescue. She’s disappeared without a trace. A Series of Warnings… A werewolf is stalking Alex’s once sleepy southern town. People…

This book Syndrome: Book Two of the Shift Chronicles by Eva Truesdale
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Called by Darkness (New York Academy of Magic #1)

Sean Fletcher

A darkness grows outside the Academy. But the biggest threat comes from within… It’s finally here: After four boring years of underclassman studies, I’m beyond ready to move up into the New York Academy of Magic’s advanced program….

This book Called by Darkness (New York Academy of Magic #1) by Sean Fletcher
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Bloody Anger (Tormented Souls, #4)

Ron Ripley

Dan thought his nightmares were over. He was dead wrong… With new friends and a feeling of solace while repairing the local schoolhouse, things are finally looking up for Dan Tate. His therapy has finally quelled the PTSD…

This book Bloody Anger (Tormented Souls, #4) by Ron Ripley
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Feast of Fear (Tormented Souls, #3)

Ron Ripley

Evil prepares to feast. And Dan Tate is the main course… Dan Tate has finally recovered from his recent ordeal. His work repairing the local schoolhouse has become a kind of therapy, and his anger and guilt have…

This book Feast of Fear (Tormented Souls, #3) by Ron Ripley
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Mercury Revolts (Mercury #4)

Robert Kroese

After a lowly software tester named Suzy Cilbrith uncovers evidence of a vast government conspiracy, she turns to a fringe reporter named Eddie Pratt for help. Far from dismissing her wild claims, Eddie reveals that things are even…

This book Mercury Revolts (Mercury #4) by Robert Kroese
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Minimum Wage Magic (DFZ #1)

Rachel Aaron

The DFZ, the metropolis formerly known as Detroit, is the world’s most magical city with a population of nine million and zero public safety laws. That’s a lot of mages, cybernetically enhanced chrome heads, and mythical beasties who…

This book Minimum Wage Magic (DFZ #1) by Rachel Aaron
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Night Shift Dragons (DFZ, #3)

Rachel Aaron

They say family always sticks together, but when you’re your dad’s only lifeline and the whole world—humans, dragons, and gods—wants you dead, “family bonding” takes on a whole new meaning. My name is Opal Yong-ae, and I’m in…

This book Night Shift Dragons (DFZ, #3) by Rachel Aaron
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Gladiator Bear (Gladiator Shifters Book 1)

Murphy Lawless

Theirs is a passion worth fighting for… It’s not easy finding love while tromping through jungles, but Anna accepts that as the price of dedicating her life to the conservation of rare animal species. The last place she…

This book Gladiator Bear (Gladiator Shifters Book 1) by Murphy Lawless
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The Call of the Mountain (Oron Amular, #1)

Michael J. Harvey

The news goes far and wide. The Keeper of the Mountain has broken his long silence. Oron Amular, home of the fabled League of Wizardry, had been lost to mortal memory, but suddenly the legends are awakening again….

This book The Call of the Mountain (Oron Amular, #1) by Michael J. Harvey
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